The journey begins as my short story becomes available

Well, that wasn’t nearly as painful as I thought it would be.

My debut horror short story, Dead Man Walking, is now available on Amazon and Smashwords. It’s even available on GoodReads. Did you even know eBooks could be bought and sold on GoodReads? It was news to me.

It’s still early so the Smashwords distribution channel hasn’t worked its magic yet so my little story about zombies in prison hasn’t made it the other outlets at this time, but that’s okay because I’m a patient guy.

*frantically checking to see if the eBook has been distributed. nope! sigh*

While I’m waiting for the Dead Man to Walk on over to B&N, Sony, and all those others, I’m celebrating the power of Amazon because I already scored my first sale 😀 WooHoo!!!! Talk about excited. I need to start exercising if I experience that kind of rush every time someone makes a purchase 😛

Meanwhile, I do what writers do. I crank up Word and drag out more creatures from the depths of my imagination. I have a few shiny ideas bouncing around my head and a couple of WIP’s in the early stages but I’m focusing on one in particular at the moment. It’s tentatively titled Pigs from Hell at the moment, but there’s a fairly good chance that title won’t stick. Then again, it has a nice ring to it so it might hang around.

After Pigs (or whatever it’s going to be called), I’m probably going to tackle this persistent little fellow that calls himself Doctor Horror, but there’s also a story about a special mirror bouncing around in my head.

Oh my! How do the rest of you tame all those wild ideas and make them line up in a nice orderly fashion?


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