Celebrate with a free copy of Dead Man Walking

It’s the first weekend of 2012 and I want to celebrate it by offering you a free copy of my debut horror short story, Dead Man Walking.

Just leave your info in the form below and I’ll send you a coupon code that will let you download a free copy in the format of your choice from Smashwords. Your information will not be sold or shared with anyone else.

Never used Smashwords before? No problem. The email with the coupon code will include instructions on how to download your free eBook.

Reviews are always appreciated because it’s important to know what you thought about a book, but there is absolutely no obligation to provide a review. I just wanted to celebrate the first week of my short story being out by offering something to those willing to give this indie author a try.

Dead Man Walking by Marty Shaw

It was supposed to be just another execution of a criminal, but then he didn’t die. Now the living are trapped in a prison with the walking dead… and the dead are hungry.

Griffin knew watching an inmate being put to death wouldn’t be fun, but he never expected Callahan to return as something less than human. Now Griffin, along with a handful of officers and inmates, are trapped within the walls of a prison as a legion of the walking dead stalk them for food.

The choice is simple – fight back or die.


This promotion has ended.


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