Happy Friday the 13th

Friday the 13th

Today is that special day. The day people say TGIF with a slight wince, a quick glance over their shoulder. It’s the day that many people are extra careful about tossing that pinch of salt over their shoulder or making sure the lucky rabbit foot is safely tucked in pocket or purse.

While the day-and-date combo of Friday the 13th is viewed with trepidation by many, the secret behind this fear remains hidden in the past. Many superstitions are based on reality but the infamous 13 rises up in too many situations for any one to rise above the other.

Some cultures believe Friday is an unlucky day and that 13 is an unlucky number so, naturally, Friday the 13th packs a double-punch of bad juju. You can also factor in religion as a possible source since Christ, who had 13 disciples, was crucified on a Friday, and don’t forget that 13 is the optimum number for a coven of witches.

Of course, the symbolism of Friday the 13th reached new heights when the date became associated with a certain hockey-mask-wearing killer that stalked (or is that stalks) Crystal Lake.

For those who see today as nothing but another day on the calendar and those who cower under the covers until midnight heralds the end of this cursed day, I hope that you have a nice weekend… and if someone wearing a hockey mask knocks on your door asking if you have a machete he can borrow, just remain very quiet and pretend you’re not home.



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