Want to read something really scary? Writers are being ripped off

PiratePirates! Ugh! They’re everywhere. It really sucks when pirates hand out the work of hard-working authors for free, but it bites really hard when they set up a subscription service and make money off all that hard work, without sending a penny to the people that created those books.

The site is eBookr. Add a .com to the name to get there but I don’t want to link to the site because it just makes me feel dirty. This group of losers seems to think they can sell books with no problem until the holder of the copyright contacts them and tells them to stop.

I’ve warned a few friends on Twitter but their catalog is so extensive that I’d be on Twitter for at least a week if I told everyone that way so I’m posting the info here. If you’re an author, it’s probably in your best interest to visit the site, search for your work, and then contact them to tell them to remove it. Better yet, report their sorry butts to GoDaddy because they don’t play with pirates.

I think the idea of a digital library is great. It would be even better if they compensated the authors that allow their stupid site to exist.

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