Run for Your Lives 5K Obstacle Course: Stay fit and stay alive

Run for Your Lives 5K Obstacle Course

Ever wanted to take part in a marathon or run an obstacle course but didn’t think you could stay motivated for the whole thing? Think a legion of the walking dead could keep you inspired to run?

Run For Your Lives is a 5K race, obstacle course, and zombie apocalypse all rolled into one. Curious to find out if you could survive an uprising of the undead? This is the best way to find out… and to prepare for the real zombie apocalypse.

The course includes 12 obstacles, with some being natural and others being man-made. As their site describes it, “there will be mud, water and maybe some blood.”

There are currently 11 locations hosting what looks to be a great zombie adventure, but more locations are expected to be added soon. You can sign up to be a zombie for the event if you prefer to be predator instead of prey or you can become a volunteer that helps to keep the event running smoothly. Of course, if you simply prefer to watch, you can purchase a ticket and just hang out with both the living and the dead.

After the race, regardless of whether you become zombie chow or not, there will be live entertainment and music, local celebrities, vendors, food, and beer.

You can find out when and where all the zombie apocalypses are happening by visiting Run for Your Lives.

Will you be running when the zombies come?


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