Cover Reveal: Ectostorm by Scott A. Johnson

Ectostorm by Scott A. Johnson

Scott A. Johnson has recently revealed the cover for his latest book, Ectostorm, Book Three of the Stanley Cooper Chronicles.

As if dying and then coming back with the ability to see the dead wasn’t rough enough, the newest book in the series has Stanley encountering a serial killer that targets people who have come back from the dead. Stanley thinks he knows who the killer is, but that knowledge won’t do him any good if the demons succeed in killing him to keep him from falling into the hands of the killer.

The cover for Ectostorm follows the trend of the previous books in the series, Vermin and Pages, with an astonished Stanley taking center stage with only a portion of his face showing. While they don’t really provoke any chills or thrills, I can’t help but like the almost cartoonish atmosphere displayed in the artwork.

What I find especially interesting about this particular book is that it shows how powerful and helpful a writer’s fans can be because Ectostorm was funded by Johnson’s fans through Kickstarter, and I think that’s totally awesome.

The book isn’t available yet, but I’ll let you know as soon as a release date is scheduled.

You can find out more about the author at his blog.


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