Celebrate with a free copy of Little Demons

Little Demon

I’m celebrating the first week of release for Little Demons by giving you a free copy so now’s your chance to visit the little town of Hale (Pop 666) without it costing you anything… except your soul.

Visit Smashwords and use Coupon Code: MQ66M. Promo expires midnight Saturday 3/3/12


Welcome to Hale (Pop. 666), where things aren’t always what they seem and the devil always gets his due.

After a car heist goes wrong, Frank finds himself in the little town of Hale, where he thinks he’s discovered the answer to all his prayers. Old Farmer Crowley has won the lottery and stealing from a helpless old farmer should be the easiest thing in the world. To make things even better, Farmer Crowley’s daughter, Lilly, has taken an interest in Frank and has no problem with revealing her lusty intentions.

Everything Frank has ever wanted is within his grasp. All he has to do is survive the night.

Little Demons, a novelette of approximately 11,600 words, contains scenes that include sexual situations and strong language.

Incidentally, the pic has nothing to do with the eBook. I just thought it was a wicked piece of art.


One Response to “Celebrate with a free copy of Little Demons”

  1. James Garcia Jr. Says:

    Hey, Marty. I was at your blog this morning, and now am back because I’m so behind on my networking. My inbox is full of stuff that I have yet to clear since Thursday. *sad face* I didn’t delete this from my inbox because you had the photo from the Krokus Greatest Hits cd here and I was sucked in by it.
    Rock on and have a good Sunday.


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