When is erotica not?

Sexy Demon

Well, I have some good news and bad news. The good news is Little Demons has its first review on Amazon. The bad news is it’s two stars. Relax, I’m not going to climb on a high horse and rant about how great the story is and shame on anyone who doesn’t like it, because I don’t roll that way. I entered this arena fully aware of the fact that not everyone will like every story. That’s the nature of the game.

Actually, I consider the two-star review a sort of badge of honor. I am now in the same circle with people like Gini Koch, Scott Nicholson, and Stephen King. They, and many more, have received their fair share of battle scars. It’s a cool group of people to hang out with.

My concern is what the reviewer had a problem with. The highlights include “I thought I was in for a good paranormal tale when I picked this one up, but all I got was a bunch of foul language and a predictable story,” mention of sexual fantasies, and the opinion that Little Demons should’ve been listed as “adult” book.

Is there sex in the book? Yes, there is. Does that make it erotica? I really didn’t think so, but I was smart enough to include a notice in the book description – “Little Demons, a novelette of approximately 12,800 words, contains scenes that include sexual situations and strong language.” Perhaps this wasn’t enough of a heads-up?

Here’s what puzzles me. I’m not exactly breaking new ground by including sex in a story that isn’t labeled as ‘adult.’ Gini Koch’s Alien series has plenty of sex in it, and one of Karen Marie Moning’s books in the Fever series is basically one big orgy… and they don’t warn readers by saying ‘Head’s up. Sex ahead.” So, I’m wondering what I might have done wrong in the book description area. I could possibly sugar-coat the sex scenes but I think that takes away something from the story. I can’t remove those scenes completely because they’re essential to the plot. I also think I’d be opening myself up for even more negative reviews if I reclassify Little Demons as adult or erotica because there’s not enough sex in the story to appeal to that crowd. Would anyone really be happy reading an erotica story that only contains two or three scenes of erotica? I don’t think so, but I could be wrong.

Anyway, it’s only one review so my world continues to turn without any undue stress or hardship, but it does make me wonder once again about my skills (or lack of) when it comes to putting my work in the properly labeled box.


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