Little Demons is FREE today

No Pinch on St Patrick's Day

I made it through St. Patrick’s Day without getting pinched, and I decided to celebrate the momentous occasion by offering Little Demons for free today. The ‘Pinchless Promotion’ ends at midnight tonight so don’t wait too long to get your copy.

Didn’t make it through the day as lucky as me? Not a problem, because reading about Frank’s rotten day in Little Demons will make you realize things could be much worse 😉

Incidentally, it wasn’t purely luck that let me get through the day unscathed. I’m pretty sure the above philosophy had something to do with it, too 😉

Welcome to Hale (Pop. 666), where things aren’t always what they seem and the devil always gets his due.

After a car heist goes wrong, a narrow escape from the police has Frank driving into the little town of Hale, where he thinks he’s found the answer to his prayers.

An old farmer by the name of Crowley has won the lottery and Frank thinks it’s only fair the old man shares his wealth. Of course, Crowley’s daughter, Lilly, doesn’t mind sharing herself with Frank, either, which only makes life seem so much sweeter.

Unfortunately, this is Hale and the little town has more in common with that other ‘H’ place than Frank realizes. He thinks the old farmer and his sexy daughter are the perfect victims, but his opinion might change before the sun comes up… if he lives that long.

Little Demons, a novelette of approximately 12,800 words, contains scenes that include sexual situations and strong language.

Get Little Demons.


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