Character Interview with Farmer Crowley from Little Demons

We have a special guest stopping by the blog today. Farmer Crowley from Little Demons was nice enough to come by for a visit.

Marty: Thanks for stopping by, Farmer Crowley.

Crowley: Not a problem, Marty. My daughter, Lilly, has things under control in Hale while I’m here.

Marty: Under control? You’re just a retired farmer that won the lottery, aren’t you? What is there to control?

Crowley, Well, I’m not just a farmer, Marty. I guess you could say I’m kinda like the mayor of Hale.

Marty: I was pretty sure you were just a farmer. Maybe you’re a little confused.

Crowley: I’ve been walking this world for a long time, but I’m a long way from being confused. Let’s just say I run things in Hale… and leave it at that.

Marty: Ummm. Well, since you just flashed some wicked looking fangs in my direction, I guess it probably is best to just drop the subject.

Crowley: Fangs? You been hitting my home-made whiskey, Marty? I don’t have fangs.

Marty: I would’ve sworn I saw — Never mind. If you say you run Hale, I’ll take your word for it. What’s it like to be in charge of a little country town?

Crowley: Well, there’s more to Hale than meets the eye. Sure, it’s just a little town in the middle of nowhere, but it’s also a second chance for a lot of people.

Marty: Like Frank?

Crowley: Frank’s a special case. If anyone is in need of a second chance, it’s definitely that boy because he’s just a bad egg. But I didn’t bring him to Hale for a second chance. I let him in simply because Lilly wanted to meet him, and you know I can’t say no to my baby girl.

Marty: That’s kind of interesting. You said you let Frank in but it’s just a little town that anyone can go through isn’t it?

Crowley: Oh, Hale is just a little town like I’m just an old farmer. Nobody gets into, or out of, Hale without my permission.

Marty: Oh. Well, I was thinking about visiting but it doesn’t really sound like my kind of place if I need to get permission to enter and leave. I mean, who guarantees that you’ll give the okay to leave?

Crowley: There are no guarantees in Hale, especially when it comes to leaving, and Hale really isn’t your type of town, Marty. Maybe one of these days, if you screw up. But as it stands right now, you wouldn’t fit in, and I wouldn’t let you in because of that.

Marty: Not even for a quick visit?

Crowley: There’s no such thing as a quick visit when it comes to my town… and speaking of quick, I need to be getting back there. Lilly’s pretty good at taking care of things but that Frank is a wild card.

Marty: Well, I want to thank you for coming by. Got any advice for our visitors?

Crowley: I’ve always got advice for people. Buy Little Demons to find out more about me, Lilly, and Frank. Trust me, it’s the best way to visit Hale. Of course, I’ll probably be seeing some of you there in person, anyway. It’s in your nature to do bad things, and you’re guaranteed to get one of my special invitations when you cross that line.

Marty: Pretty sure I saw fangs that time. I think your eyes were glowing, too.

Crowley: You really need to lay off the hard stuff, Marty. It doesn’t agree with you. Good bye.


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