What’s next, Marty?

I’m glad you asked because there are a couple of new stories that will be coming your way soon.

Currently, I’m working on the first book in a new urban fantasy series called Tales of Doctor Horror and Penny Dreadful. It was originally just going to be Tales of Doctor Horror but Penny demanded that she be included too, and I figured it was only fair to bow to her wish demand since the story is actually told by her. Penny and the Doctor will be going up against all kinds of supernatural baddies, and the first book, The Doctor is In, will reveal how Penny meets the strange guy in the bowler hat. It will be a little more reader-friendly since the language will be milder than previous works and there won’t be any sex scenes like in Little Demons.

Griffin, the correctional-officer-turned-zombie-fighter from Dead Man Walking, will also be making a return. The zombie infection is no longer contained within prison walls and he’s going to be a busy guy as he tries to keep the world from falling to an undead plague.

There are a few other thing rattling around inside my head, but these two are screaming the loudest so they get the most attention at the moment. I’ll keep you posted as these two titles creep closer to being released.


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