Have a Dreadful Hump Day tomorrow with a FREE copy of Dreadful Beginnings

Dreadful BeginningsWell, I’ve had a couple of dreadful days the last couple of days, and it had nothing to do with anything good because the hot water heater decided to die. Life without hot water is definitely not fun so we got to take a special trip to Lowe’s. Yah! Not!

Fortunately, you can have a perfectly Dreadful day on Wednesday and all it involves is dropping by Amazon US or Amazon UK to grab your free copy of Dreadful Beginnings, the first book in the new ‘Penny Dreadful’ urban fantasy series. I hope you stop by and give Penny’s first outing with Doctor Horror a try.

The free promotion ends Wednesday night at midnight.

Dreadful Beginnings
(A Penny Dreadful Novella)

There are things out there. Dark and scary things that will kill you in strange and terrible ways. They live in shadows and feast on blood. They don’t belong in our world, but they’re here. You don’t have to freak out, though, because there’s this guy out there too. He calls himself Doctor Horror and he fights those bad things, but he needs help in his fight against the darkness.

Lucky for him, I’m the right girl for the job.

When you think of home, you probably think of chilling out in front of the TV or hanging with friends on the latest social media hotspot. What you probably don’t think about are killer hairdryers and murderous stuffed bunnies that want to make sure you don’t wake up from your blissful slumber. These are the kinds of things that might happen when you accidentally release a demon while playing witch. Hey! Don’t look at me that way. My friend was doing the spellcasting. I was just there.

Demon-killing isn’t something I considered as an actual profession until a guy named Doctor Horror showed up and asked for my help in dealing with this supernatural pest. Once I got over his strange name, it seemed like a pretty good deal. Killing demons definitely sounded better than telemarketing. Ugh! More importantly, this thing was trying to kill me and my friends… and that just doesn’t work for me.

Now, armed with Doc’s little suitcase of goodies and a special bracelet that has a mind of its own, I’m going to show this demon why he would’ve been better off staying in Hell.


One Response to “Have a Dreadful Hump Day tomorrow with a FREE copy of Dreadful Beginnings”

  1. Kenton Schassberger Says:

    Ooooh hanks for telling us about Wednsday, i hook my kindle to pc for amazon things

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